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Quarls cat chases his tail.

2011-04-11 16:17:58 by Laqur

Quarl made a music video for Metamorphosis/ Noguchi featuring his cat as the dance choreographer. Pretty slick stuff :p

martha argerich

2011-04-05 18:04:50 by Laqur

Martha is my hero.

Mud Step

2011-03-22 04:37:55 by Laqur

Previously, there had been a drunk rant here. I'm not sure how I feel about it in retrospect but the point of it was that I'm not using the term Dumbstep anymore. It kind of sucks to have to tell people that all my recent music is dumb. I'm hanging the term for being too derogatory and self destructive. It was fun to have a sense of humor about the whole thing for a little while but I feel like a hypocrite now for actually learning to love the genre.

I removed the original song, but I've actually been doing syncopated dub and calling it mud step since 09. I gotta give spikrod credit for pushing us all into making the music and getting us all initially motivated but as far as I'm concerned Dumb is dead. Mud is the new black.

Mud Step


2011-03-16 18:09:42 by Laqur



I swear I'm a girl >:C

2011-03-14 04:38:04 by Laqur

Some people doubt that I'm really a girl. I have no idea why people think that so I uploaded a new user image. Go suck a dick skeptics :/

I swear I'm a girl >:C


2011-03-08 12:53:29 by Laqur



2011-02-25 03:09:25 by Laqur

I just spent all night making a youtube account. Go thumb some stuff if your not too busy. Quarl uploaded some music too. Sure you guys have heard it all by now but I promise to get some new stuff going soon...


2011-02-23 01:08:32 by Laqur

what has begun

cannot be stopped.

Air Drumming

2011-02-09 00:36:33 by Laqur

I've been updating the Dumb Step blog here and there so if you haven't checked it out yet, please go ahead and do so. I just made a post about newgrounds users experimenting with dumbstep.

I'm gonna be doing some performances at some point where I play the air drums along side my music. I'll have videos of me playing alongside songs like Rise Again and nuRae sKeeve. It will be good fun. I figure I can just play my music in a spot on monitors for my senior presentation and not have to worry about DJing awkward time signatures. I can have more fun with it, have a unique presentation, and not have to compromise any of the sound. The best part about all this is that if it ever gets too embarrassing for people watch they can close their eyes and focus more on the music.

Mushroom Haiku

2010-11-03 17:35:38 by Laqur

Mushroom does not know that leaf is sticking on it :3

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